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We are Dawn and Bernadette, two women who have worked together in surgery for the past eight years.  We both have a scientific background in biology, particularly in humans.  We both have an intense interest in plants, quantum physics, and healing.



We believe that everything we see, feel and think is merely energy in different forms. We perceive that the human body has seven major chakras, and the chakras have openings in the front and in the back directly opposite the front.  The chakras are rotating vortexes that spin in a particular direction and at a particular speed during times of optimal health.  The chakras give energy to the aura and permeate the body and its organs and structures.  The energy that is entwined in these forces is often called "subtle energy" and is used in Reiki, acupuncture (meridians), Healing Touch, etc. 


Bern and Dawn have been able to teach others how to feel the chakras.  It seems that about 90-95% of the population can literally feel the chakras when they are taught how.


We believe that magnets are a natural, healing element.


Dr. Goiz, an expert in medical biomagnetism, has shown that magnets, when placed at certain points on the body and tested in certain ways in order to determine proper placement (unique for each person at each visit), affect the physical body.  Dr. Goiz believes that each body part has a Biomagnetic Pair (BMP). That means that each structure has a 'mate' that it communicates with and is affected by in sickness or in health.  Some of these ideas are supported in quantum physics and ancient ideology such as yin/yang. Dr. Goiz measures these positive effects in the hydrogen potential, or pH of certain structures.  Dr. Goiz believes that this alteration of pH is what heals sickness and injury in the body.  We have tested this ourselves with litmus paper using saliva and found that pH was indeed altered during medical biomagnetic therapy.  However, we believe that this is an effect of the therapy, and not all of what happens when magnets are placed on or near the body.


Our belief, through testing, research and feeling the chakras before and after magnetic chakra treatments, is that magnetic fields can be used to positively affect the chakras.  Our system allows for a slightly faster placement of magnets than a typical medical biomagnetic session.  Because our system treats the chakras, our clients report feeling the effects of chakra space opening.  For example, when their heart space is opened, they feel  more loved and loving.  When their throat chakra is opened, they feel better able to communicate and they claim to experience other people understanding their point of view with more tolerance.  Also, treating the chakra treats all of the physical organs associated with that chakra.  Our clients are benefiting from a physical/medical aspect and also one of spiritual enlightenment, consecutively.  This is an amazing, innovative treatment and we are thankful everyday for the opportunity to carry it into greater awareness!



To our knowledge, we are the only ones who experimented with magnets of varying strengths and compositions on the major and minor chakras, nadis and meridian lines.  We are the only ones who discovered the link between the subtle energy fields of the chakras and aura and magnetic force.  We experimented using magnets only on the front chakras, then on the front and back, and then after exhaustive research (there isn't a lot out there on the minor chakras) Dawn added the minor chakras, nadis and links to the organs and to the endocrine glands into the mix.  At that point Dawn realized we could add Medical Biomagnetism to the Chakra Magnetism and REALLY have powerful and long lasting results.  Dawn discovered an additional 376 Chakra BMPs, each one relating to a prana. Dawn and Bern realized that the exact placement of certain strength magnets over the major and minor chakras provided optimal results.


During this time Dawn collected all of the information she could find on Medical Biomagnetism, having co-students and our Spanish speaking coworkers interpret into English many of the BMPs that had previously only been revealed to Spanish speakers.  Dawn also scoured the internet, other Biomagnetism practioner's books, research articles, our own experiments, etc., to put together hundreds more Biomagnetic Pairs (BMPs).  Dawn designed a template for herself, to use with her clients in her private Biomagnetism practice.  Her template includes an astounding 879 BMPs and was coordinated to be used from head to toe so that she would not have to backtrack on her client's bodies during her sessions.  Dawn found that she saved time giving her sessions.  Dawn was easily able to teach the breadth of the Biomagnetic concepts and processes to Bern, in only 2 weeks of sparse hands on practice and the template that Dawn created. 


From there Dawn decided to design a state-of-the-art app that will be fast loading, easy to use, and easy to apply to your clientele, yourself or your friends and family.  For those of you who took the Medical Biomagnetic Course with Dr. Goiz, you know that he speaks only Spanish, and a rare dialect that many of the interpreters he hires to translate his courses cannot understand or interpret.  During her class that she paid thousands of dollars to attend in person, Dawn ended up teaching English speaking classmates the hands on portion because many of the attendees simply didn't understand what they had spent days listening to!  The official videos you pay hundreds of dollars to learn from only teach you how to apply the magnets on one side of the body (you must do it bilaterally).  The workbooks too are poorly interpreted and poorly edited, leaving the reader confused even about simple physics. As Dr. Goiz is a medical doctor, he expects his students to already have what we feel is an advanced understanding of anatomy and physics under their belts prior to taking his courses. Part of the reason that Dawn was so advanced in her course with Dr. Goiz (advanced enough to start teaching his students hands on practice for him) is because of her deep understanding of human anatomy through her decade of surgical assisting. 


Our courses are simple, down to Earth, and complete.  You will leave knowing your anatomy and how it relates to the organism you are, you will understand how to handle powerful magnets safely, how to muscle test, and how and where to place the magnets.  You will be confident in several different techniques for polarizing the client, and you will be provided resources such as forms and advice for running your own practice if you should choose to.  

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